Whether doing business online in your e-commerce shop or having an offline company, you cannot underestimate the functions of a logo for your business. These are effective tools for marketing that will help the industry to acquire customers. Driving customers towards the company is not the only thing that a logo does, but it also goes a long way to build trust with your customers, and also a show of professionalism. People have a high tendency of purchasing from a business with a logo that one that lacks one. These are among the first symbols that the clients look at first to determine whether or not to purchase from you. With a good logo, you are sure to increase sales as well as memorability of your e-business site. Today, there are lots of online logo generators one can use to create a compelling yet straightforward logo. Have a look at the following tools.

  1. The Free Logo Design Engine

If all you need for your ebusiness is a clean and professional looking emblem, then you can count on this logo design engine that is free to finish the task in less than 10 minutes. The software is ideal in making your e-commerce shop more recognized. It has an ocean of well eye-catching templates and colors, fonts and much more. Here, the low-resolution logos are free to download; however, you will be charged for downloading the high-resolution logos. You can choose this engine for various reasons including, it is trusted, with over 100,000 customers, logos made from this site are of high quality, it generates high-quality designs in just minutes. You can try the website for free and for unlimited use, the charges are equally low. Finally, it has a large selection of up to 1000 graphics and free logos.

  1. Logo Garden

This is another free to use logo creator that business owners use to create original logos for their e-commerce stores in just a matter of minutes. The site was founded in 2011, and since then it has continued offering its clients with myriads of samples for various industries such as accounting or transportation. The site has thousands of brand symbols as well as layouts for startups to make custom emblems. Logos can be designed on a website, t-shirt, business card, coffee mug or even on Smartphone.

  1. Logo Genie

This well-known program is creative and produces excellent logos online. Its interface is user-friendly, and logo design ideas are quickly brought to life. Users can customize their logos using Logo Genie.


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